This platform become a very helpful for me
I'm a engineer,despite have studied mathematics in engineering making a notes from Exademy because for upsc you should be deepen in math's
so i found this channel unique in youtube.
 seriously if anyone have doubt please watch videos first then choose any coaching centres or buying notes.
Atlast who will becomes the members of Exademy this is our responsibility to share with upsc aspirants.


Sir , I was struggling for some guidance and some help , although I was preparing but I found myself not in a position to solve some simple questions , because I know my foundation need to be more strong , so sir I was searching for online lectures from where I can build my foundation strong and cope up with the problems . Sir you are doing great job , thankyou so much , it means alot , 🙏 your lectures are way to comprehensive and simple . I just want sir please complete this course (Mathematics optional), god bless you sir 🙏 thankyou for such a great help 🙏

Akshay Raghuvanshi

I came to know about Prabhash Sir's lectures on youtube 2-3 days back. I have seen and made notes of 5 lectures of Linear algebra till now and currently watching lecture 6. I woukd like to say two things :-
1. You did an awesome work for UPSC aspirants like me who can't go to Delhi due to various reasons.
2. Your lectures are awesome and you keep on saying in lectures that you will start from basic and teach slowly explaining each and every concept and we may skip if we wish. But actually it is very good of you to expalin and illustrate an example for concepts. For example if you had not solved 2 examples on line and hyperplane it would have taken me much longer to get a crystal clear concept when i would have referred a book. 

I will again write about my experience on maths optional lectures after completing atleast 80 % syllabus.

Prince Kumar

The Exademy platform initiate by prabhash Sir is very useful and easy to get information about the upsc. The courses on the Exademy very helpful in the preparation of maths optional. We are with u Sir for building our nation thank you so much. 

Gajanan Shivaji Yadav

Prabash Sir is a great teacher , society needs such teachers to developed the mind of a students that how a student can learn something easily. Thank you very much🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Anshul Agrawal

The platform Exademy is only one on YouTube i think they teach us professional courses without any cost .this initiatives obviously help thousands of students ..this kind of contribution always appreciated with warmheart ...thank you Prabhash sir and his team that im part of this as a student ..keep teaching us,keep helping. .all the loves with you ...thanks again 

Amol Sahni

It is a wonderful educating platform..i am blessed to become exademy student..PRABASH SIR is a great human being,so energtic and inspiring one..i don't have enough words to say thankyou team exademy and special thanks to PRABHASH SIR
thankyou for initiative..thanks a lot..😊😊

Tanya Rashtogi

Best study group on YouTube. I'm really very thankful to prabhash sir and the team. Anyone can love mathematics the way he teaches really very great full. I just pray that this channel grows and become no.1 online education channel.
God bless to each and every member of the team

Siwani Karta